«Car brochures are fascinating contemporary witnesses made of paper that can also help identify the authenticity and originality of collector's vehicles. They exude the same «zeitgeist» as the automobiles they describe.»

Hans-Joachim Weise, vintage car and automobile collector from Hanover, who has successfully turned his hobby into a profession at Schröder & Weise Classics and is regarded as an expert. 


As a passionate collector you usually have a clearly defined goal. In this area, it is my declared goal to have a brochure of every vehicle in my car collection. I have succeeded in doing this for an estimated 90 percent of my cars. Completing the final 10 percent is the most difficult task.

I have several brochures for many vehicle types, some of them in different languages. Car brochures are becoming an absolute rarity – all the more so because nowadays hardly any brand prints catalogs for new cars.

Car brochures from the 1950s are mostly works of art. They present fascinating photos combined with drawings that represent the epoch in a terrific way. As an example I show a brochure of the Mercedes minibus 319 from 1958.