«At trade fairs, at major events or on the market square – you can make it big hit with these little three-wheelers!»

Current advertising text for APE on the APE Germany homepage 


Two-wheelers are not actually my world. Nevertheless, I do own a couple of Lambretta scooters that couldn’t better reflect the «Italianità» of the 1950s: with swirling hair, a charming Signorina (with a fluttering skirt, of course) on the pillion. That was the street scene back then, whether with a Lambretta or a Vespa, or any other scooter: simply a great, carefree time (corresponding films can be found on the Internet.) I once struck gold in Apulia and bought a small collection of five Lambrettas, one of them with a sidecar.

Whether as a delivery vehicle or a craftsman’s vehicle, the APE were once strongly represented on Italy’s streets. A trip with an APE Calessino is very special: whether as a small taxi, especially on Capri or Ischia as well as in many other cities, a trip with it gives you that total seaside holiday feeling.

With such memories in mind, I kept an eye out for what the market was offering. I found it in bella Italia. I had my Calessina from 1964 completely restored, and I love to drive around with it in the summer – pure fun factor.