«Non si può descrivere la passione, la si può solo vivere.»

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari

«You cannot describe passion, you can only live it.»

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari (1898 bis 1988), Italian car racing driver, racing manager and founder of the sports and racing car manufacturer Ferrari

Enzo Anselmo Ferrari, born in 1898 was a charismatic Italian motor racing driver and entrepreneur who founded the Ferrari motor racing team and the Ferrari brand. He died in 1988.

My name is Daniel Iseli, I am an entrepreneur and car collector, who lives in Freienbach on the lake of Zurich in Switzerland. In creating my ISELI COLLECTION, I have taken full inspiration from the life of Enzo Ferrari and I now wish to share my interest and passion in classic cars with other like minded enthusiasts from around the world.

With my new website, I will share details of my collection with the showcasing of individual classic cars. On a regular basis, I plan to do this monthly, I will provide detailed information on especially interesting cars from the ISELI COLLECTION on the website.

The collection thrives on change and renewal, and for this reason, I will also be offering selected cars for sale. In addition, if you seek something very special, but cannot find it on the website, I will gladly try to help you with your search and make any introductions that you may require.